Church Sound Boot Camp: Self-Guided Online Course

We have been offering workshops specifically for churches since 1987. And over the years we've taught literally thousands of church music pastors, tech staff and technical ministry volunteers.

The Church Sound Boot Camp is our self-paced, self-guided online course that builds on your current understanding of all things audio and takes you to the next level of excellence.

The course covers all of the basics of church sound including mics, mic technique, console signal flow logic, channel EQ, compressors, expanders, using effects in a mix, mixing techniques, loudspeakers, stage monitors and in-ear monitors, and how to properly connect the gear.

The CSBC course is filled to overflowing with the techniques, concepts and knowledge that each sound tech MUST understand in order to master the sound system in their church.

Included is a Student Workbook that uses a fill-in-the-blank format to hold the student’s attention throughout the course. That format really works, and helps students focus on the golden nuggets of information they need to do their best. (Included as a PDF file.)

The class is fast-paced, focused on learning, yet with a few laughs along the way.

Come join the thousands of CSBC Grads who have found a renewed passion for technical excellence.

Not long ago, a church sound team volunteer who attended one of our training events came up to me during class to say "I've learned more in the last hour and a half in your class than I've learned in two days of attending other workshops." Having taught these topics for so many years, I've learned how to present complex subjects in a way that most people can grasp.

Here are a handful of other testimonials from current Owners of the Church Sound Boot Camp.

<< I want to buy Curt's Church Sound Boot Camp for our team and I need to have some solid "references" as to the quality and benefits of the program.>>

The CSC Boot camp is AWESOME.  Curt does a fine job of explaining everything, even the most non-technical person can follow along with his teachings. That being said, there's always something for even the most advanced student. Price wise, this is probably the most affordable training out there. It gives you and your church everything you need, and it's money well spent.

I think the biggest success I had with this course was when one of the trustees took my class. He really hung onto a lot of what Curt was talking about and was very diligent about listening to each recording several times. Because of him taking the course, the trustees have a more fundamental understanding of why a sound system costs so much, why I spend so much time inventorying and testing parts, and support the ministry 100%.  I've found that the powers that be are more interested in the needs of the technical staff and respect us as a ministry. It is a small price to pay for this kind of support, no church should be without this course!


I don't know what more can be said about the Church Sound Boot Camp. I agree with Brian, this is a MUST for any church team. This package will be a great foundation to build up your team. I mentioned in an earlier email, how much the confidence of the team has grown, and it is true, my pastor really understands mic polar patterns. Have your pastor call my pastor, if he needs a reference (I'm serious, contact me off list)

- Terrance Friday

I must say, I can not imagine how else you could bless me. The training material, and the forum for learning, thank you so much. May God continue to bless you and Jeanna, and your business as you help all of us spread God’s good news.

- Robb Black | Dwight, Illinois

BTW - we're using Curt's Boot Camp series this year... great stuff!  Thanks Curt!

- Michael Miller - Audiovisual Coordinator

We have just started running through Curt's Boot Camp and it is really inspiring the team.

- Richard Peck

You, too, can start raising your level of technical excellence and inspiring your tech support team.

Go ahead. Give your church sound team a present they won't forget by engaging a focused, heartfelt pursuit of technical excellence.

Be Blessed!
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Curt & Jeanna Taipale
Founders of the CSC Network

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