Articles by Curt Taipale

Audio Test Signals
Every church tech booth should have quick access to a set of audio test signals. So here you go.

Amendments to God's Laws of Physics
There are days when I wish I could change God's laws of physics. Apparently I'm not the only one.

Gee, Wilbur | A Day in the Life of the Resident Expert
Wilbur and Sidney enjoy an adventurous day of re-voicing their church's sound system.

Are You Confusing Polarity With Phase?
It is surprisingly common for techs to confuse the terms polarity and phase. Some even use the terms interchangeably. But they are two different things. Let me reveal the truth to you.

Are You Talking to Me?
Shoptalk works for those in-the-know. Not such a good choice when addressing non-operators.

Are Your Loudspeakers Broke?
When was the last time that you listened analytically to your loudspeakers? I mean really, truly listened to them!?!

At the Push of a Button
Installing an AC power sequencer could be considered a luxury. But in some cases it is a life saver.

Audio Abbreviations
Not accustomed to hearing the shoptalk that your tech throws around? Here's a primer on the most common terms.

Called to Excellence
We are driven to deliver technical excellence at each worship service – not for ourselves, but for God.

More Thoughts on Excellence
Finding that balance between a drive for technical excellence and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Can I Rotate My Loudspeaker?
Seems simple enough. But dig deeper and you realize that it's more wishful thinking than reality.

Choosing Loudspeakers for a Small Church
Sadly, audio mythology is alive and well (at least in several online tech forums) as this story reveals.

Christmas Past, Christmas Future
What steps have you taken to ensure that this year's major productions will be better – for all involved?

Do it Yourself, Bob
Thinking of buying the gear for your next AV system from a "friend of a friend" just to save a few dollars? Read this first.

Get to Know Your Tech Team
Pastors and tech team leaders need to invest themselves in the lives of their volunteers. Find out why & how here.

Going With the Flow
Is it "going with the flow" or simply poor planning?

Got Questions?
If you have questions about a piece of equipment, did you know that you can call the manufacturer and ask the question of someone who actually knows the answer?

How Loud is Too Loud?
I love mixing big and loud worship songs just as much as the next person. But what about common sense?

How to Build Your Own Cable Storage Rack
The need for a particular cable always seems to be inversely proportional to your ability to find said cable at a moment's notice. Fix that by building your own cable storage rack. Here's how.

How to Build Your Own Console Desk
Build your own custom desk to house your audio console and related gear. Robby Wright shows you exactly how he built one for his church.

How to Mic a Flute
Of course that depends on the sound you want to capture and whether it's for live sound on a loud platform or for a recording in a quiet studio.

How to Minimize Technical Chaos Before Every Service
A system for easing the stress of preparing for a service, including ways to handle the inevitable oh by the way request.

How to Mix Monitors
What did we do before stage monitors existed? They can be a blessing or a nemesis! Let's talk.

In the Dating Years
The only breath of sanity that I got during my years as a young, overworked, way underpaid church tech was to see Jeanna walk into the studio...

Isolating the Guitar Amp
Let your guitarist crank to their heart's content while the techs (and congregation) keep their sanity.

It's Not About the Gear
Your work in the tech support ministry is far more about helping people find Jesus Christ than it is about turning a knob.

It's Not Like You're Buying a Refrigerator
Buying a sound, video or lighting system for your church just isn’t as simple as some want to believe.

Let's Get Organized
This next year will be way better than last if you'll get organized. And I mean beyond just tidying up the production booth.

Let the Drums be Heard
Ahh, the decades old question – acoustic drums or electronic drums? This could prove interesting.

My Big Red Christmas Folder
Join me as I share how asking a simple question during a production meeting saved the production one year.

My List of Pet Peeves
Mistakes happen. That doesn't mean we have to repeat them. Here are some basic ones that should just never happen.

My Most Embarrassing Moments, Part 1
My Most Embarrassing Moments, Part 2
My Most Embarrassing Moments, Part 3
My Most Embarrassing Moments, Part 4
As the old saying goes, if you're going to make a mistake, make it a big one. Can yours top one of these?

Production Intercoms, Part 1
Production Intercoms, Part 2
Waving arms, hand signals, scribbled signs and smart phone texting have their limitations. A more refined way of communicating is to use what is known in the industry as a “production intercom”.

Serious Repairs
Need a chuckle today? You need to read this. No, seriously, read it.

Should We Go Digital or Stay Analog?
Is it time to switch from your tried and true (tired and old?) analog console and go with a digital audio console?

So You Want to Install Your Own Sound System
See how bright, sharp, astute, focused, detail-type personalities can find themselves questioning their brilliance.

Technically Ready for the Holidays
Have a major concert, cantata, or worship service coming up? Use these reminders to make sure that your team is ready.

The Lapel Mic is Dead. Long Live the Headworn Mic!
Getting microphones close to the sound source is a key to success in live sound. The headworn mic does just that.

Using Scenes on a Digital Audio Console
Using "Scenes" on a digital console can improve the consistency of the mix and streamline the mixing process.

What is a VCA?
In a typical analog console, the audio signal travels through each fader. Things are different with a VCA-equipped console.

Where Should We Put Our Console?
In the majority of churches, the answer is "not there". Use this guide to choose a better location.

Who Done It?
It's easy to blame the previous system designer for problems with the system when we don’t know the whole story.

Who Is a Soundcheck For?
Let's define what a soundcheck is, what it isn't, who it is for, and why you need it so badly.

Why On Earth Should You Hire a Consultant?
DIY vs. Design/Build vs. Consultant - Ahhh, the age-old question. Come along as we explore some options.